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UGA Paint Line - Supporting the Dawgs For 20 Years and Counting

Dome Bound

UGA Paint Line’s second installment of Throwback Thursday!

November 29, 2012

Following the long walk back to the car from Williams-Bryce Stadium,  within the hoards of harassing Cock fans, a Dawg fans spirit is all but vanquished.  Never would I think, that in that nightmare, that this season would turn into a dream.  A chance to upset Florida, a chance to embarrass Auburn, and a chance for the seniors to sweep Tech.

This is all the third ranked Georgia Bulldogs needs to pull off the unlikely: a chance.  Alabama is eight and a half point favorite in this Saturday’s legendary match up.  Let’s explore some SEC championship history with this week’s Throwback Thursday.

The last SEC championship title for the Dawgs goes back to 2005.  The Tigers from Baton Rouge had taken the Western Division, and still held on to a hope for a BCS title game bid.  The third ranked Tigers came in to the Georgia Dome suffering only an overtime defeat to Tennessee.  LSU was a large favorite in the match-up, but UGA quarterback D.J. Shockley had something different in mind.

We wanted to start fast and carry over our momentum for the entire game,” Shockley said.

The Dawgs did just that.  The game started off with a 45 yard touchdown pass to Sean Bailey, followed by a UGA interception with the Tiger’s ensuing drive.  The bulldog defense is what came up big that fateful day in the dome.  Justin Vincent, the LSU running back, ran for over 200 yards against the Bulldog defense in 2003.  In this game, he was held to fifteen yards.  The Bulldogs took down the Tigers 34-14, a brutal defeat led by the MVP Shockley, who through for a pair of touchdowns and ran for another.  Take a look at the highlights!



The Bulldogs have the tools they need to complete another underdog victory in the dome: a confident defense, a solid ground game, a hungry fan base, and a quarterback who is looking to earn his stripes under the big lights.  This 2012 breed of Bulldog will need to take notes from the 2005 team and get after the Tide early. I believe. The UGA Paint Line believes.  Bulldog Nation, it’s time to saddle up. It’s going to be one wild ride in the Georgia dome on December 1!’s SEC Championship prediction* : UGA 24 – BAMA 19


*The UGA Paint Line’s predictions will always be bias.  Painting in 30 degree weather has given us the right to do so.  Go Dawgs.



Team Hoyt: The True Ironman

We are proud to present‘s first Motivational Monday Post! We hope you enjoy!


November 26, 2012

What better way to start this series of posts than with a personal favorite.  I have been following this story for a number of years, and if you haven’t heard it, you are soon to be blessed.

Rick Hoyt has been living with cerebral palsy since his birth in 1962.  Despite pressure to institutionalize their son, Dick Hoyt and his wife refused.   Rick could neither walk or speak, but Rick had a knack for learning at an early age. With a new computer program, Rick could now speak.  Rick’s love for sports was evident as his first communication with computerized words was “Go Bruins”.  Rick even graduated from a public high school and was accepted at Boston College.  After receiving a degree in special education, Rick returned to Boston College to help develop a computer system that helped paralyzed individuals, like himself, communicate with head and eye motions.

It was in 1977 that Dick Hoyt and his son’s adventure began.  There was a benefit run for a paralyzed lacrosse player.   Rick asked his father if they could compete in this race to show the paralyzed lacrosse player that there is life after paralyzation.  Little did they know, this would start an adventure that would change the rest of their lives.  Dick ran with his son, pushing him in a specialized wheel chair the entire  five mile distance.   This five mile race proved to be the first of many for “Team Hoyt.” After this first race, Rick said to his father,

Dad, when I’m running, it feels like I’m not handicapped.


Talk about motivation.  What happens next is nothing short of magical.  A father, Dick Hoyt, so overwhelmed with love for his son, has competed in over 1,000 races in the last 35 years.  That is an average of almost thirteen races a year, including six ironman competitions.  An ironman triathlon consists of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, and a full 26.2 mile run.  This is a feat that few humans even dare to attempt, much less while carrying his grown son.  Dick is pulling/running/swimming a total of 335 pounds throughout the races.

Dick Hoyt now is predominantly a speaker and travels the country delivering his inspiring story.  In 2009, Dick and his son completed their 1000th race, the Boston Marathon (his favorite race).  Many have been touched by this father’s relentless effort to love his son, and Dick has certainly given his son a lifetime of unforgettable adventures.

I encourage you to take the time to watch this video to discover this passion that this father has

This is Dick and Rick Hoyt in their first race in 1977.  Photo courtesy of, also where much of this information was found, you should check it out! Team Hoyt’s website!

There are few acts of such selfless love in this world.  A father that would give everything for his son, lay his body on the line is nothing but humbling and inspiring.  There are few such acts, but though this is an earthly story, it seems very representative of a story much more important.  Galatians 3:26 “We are all children of God with faith in Jesus Christ.”  Just an earthly comparison to the bigger picture in life of God’s unwavering and unconditional love for each and every one of us.


This was UGA Paint Line’s first Motivational Monday, and I hope it does some motivating out there in Bulldog Nation.  God Bless and Go Dawgs.







Blackout Tech!

The UGA Paint Line is excited to call all Dawg fans to Blackout Tech tomorrow in Sanford Stadium! Wear black, be loud, and stay! What better way to thank the seniors than to come early, be loud, and keep Sanford Stadium filled with black until the last second tics off the clock.  A win over Georgia Tech would complete the “senior sweep” of the Yellow Jackets, and complete an 11 win regular season for the Dawgs.  Let’s give the Dawgs a spirit boost heading to the Dome! Go Dawgs! #BlackoutTech

The UGA Paint Line is ready to black it out against the Jackets! Go Dawgs!

First Throwback Thursday!

Proud to post’s first

Throwback Thursday!

Thursday, November 22, 2012.

Happy Thanksgiving Bulldog Nation! The UGA Paint Line hopes that each and everyone of you enjoy this special and reflective day with your family and friends.  Let us be thankful for the many blessings we have, and of course, the Dawgs.


In your first edition of Throwback Thursday, a special Thanksgiving edition, we wish to show you what the Paint Line is thankful for.  One of the many things the UGA Paint Line is thankful for is the many individuals that have laid the ground work for the Paint Line to still be thriving today.  This week’s Throwback Thursday is a shout out to the Forefathers of the modern day Paint Line.

While is still gathering information on the history of the line, we do have an accurate history dating back to 2005.  In 2006, the paint line conducted the first ever blackout among the paint line.  The paint line at that time spelled out “GEORGIABULLDOGS”.

These gentlemanly scholars were well on their way to creating one of the strongest traditions of students in Sanford Stadium, the modern day Paint Line.  Jon Tillman, Paint Line revolutionary, took charge of the Line in 2007.  He desired for the tradition to stand strong, and his decisions proved perfect.  He, and the rest of the Line, decided to go with full upper body paint, the red whigs, and the trade mark aviators.


In what better circumstances to honor this week’s Throwback Thursday with black paint.  This week the #3 ranked Bulldogs take on the Jackets, and the Paint Line and students are excited about a fan BLACKOUT! Just a little something to motivate the players, fans, and send the Dawgs to the dome knowing that we have their back! Spread the word! #BlackoutTech



An Update from!

This past Saturday In Athens, the Dawgs  took care of the pesky GSU Eagles 45-14! As the UGA paint line, we were very excited to unveil our new website and blog and hope that it continues to grow as Bulldog Nation discovers our true Purpose and passion! As the site continues to grow, we plan to offer several things that you can look forward to as a member of Bulldog nation and a follower of  We encourage you to SUBSCRIBE and spread the word in order to be the first to receive fandom news from the front lines of UGA student spirit.

Things to look forward to every week:

Motivational Mondays: An inspiring story from the world of sports from a Paint Liner’s perspective every Monday

Throwback Thursday: A glimpse of the past from Paint Line Folklore and Bulldog Legend alike!

Personal pictures from every Saturday! (During the season that is)

Here are some pictures against Southern!



The official website of the UGA Paint Line!  We are proud to serve the Dawgs and Sanford Stadium fandom every Saturday in Athens! Your to-do list of this site…

Discover Our Purpose

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E-mail pictures of you and the Line! And you could be featured on!

There are many more updates to come in the following days, but we are excited to get the site up and running while the Dawgs try to finish on top here in 2012!


Way to Geaux!

It is rare in this day in age of the SEC’s stoic rivalries that fans find much common ground.  But in this case, the common ground found between the UGA Paint Line and these Tigers is much bigger than football.  A few weeks ago, LSU painters, the Painted Posse, were edited after painting crosses on the left side of their chest above their hearts.

These Tigers have earned their stripes in their battle for their faith.  We admire this dedication, and what can we say? We think earning these stripes isn’t such a bad idea…

The UGA Paint Line added it’s first addition in nearly six years with the Cross, first used against Ole Miss, 11.2.12.  This addition is rumored to become very permanent in the coming weeks.  Keep an eye out!