UGA Paint Line

Supporting the Dawgs For 15 Years and Counting

UGA Paint Line - Supporting the Dawgs For 15 Years and Counting

Thank You!

This portion of is dedicated to those individuals that have had direct influence on our ability to paint up every Saturday between the hedges. These people make our roles much easier and we cannot thank them enough for supporting the UGA Paint Line.

Franklin Scott

Franklin Scott is the Senior Campus Minister at the Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) on campus at UGA. Franklin has been an example, a mentor, a discipler, and father figure to many of the Paint Line members and Painters alike. Franklin has been with BCM here at UGA since 1990, and has seen the Paint Line beginnings and it’s development over the years. No amount of thanks could every be enough for Franklin Scott.


Nathan Byrd

Nathan Byrd is a campus minister at the BCM and is also a huge role model, inspirer, and leader to many of the members of the UGA Paint Line. Nathan is a constant encouragement for the Line and had direct influence of those who began the UGA Paint Line. Nathan’s dedication to students and their needs is worthy of many thanks from the Paint Line.




UGA Athletic Association

The University of Georgia Athletic Association has been nothing but helpful when interacting with the UGA Paint Line. The UGA Paint Line had a scare during the 2011 season about the privilege of painting up inside Sanford Stadium.  The Assistant Athletic Director, Matt Brachowski, was very helpful and worked with the Paint Line in person in order to reach an agreement on the future of the Paint Line in Sanford. The Paint Line realizes the blessing that painting in Sanford is and a huge amount of gratitude must be given to the Athletic Association and it’s commitment to making the atmosphere as fun as it could possibly be.  Many individuals and members of the Athletic Association help make each season possible and help make the Paint Line’s ability to support the Dawgs very easy.  Thank you!

Sean Firkin

Sean Firkin is a Supervisor of the CSC staff inside Sanford Stadium.  He has worked our section, 110, for several years and has become an irreplaceable part of the Paint Line family.  There is a reason that this portion of the stadium is very organized and it has everything to do with Sean Firkin’s leadership.  Although he is a Tennessee fan,  we hope to see him in Sanford for many years to come.

Blane Marable

Blane Marable is an accomplished and well known photographer in the Athens community.  Blane Marable’s photographs frequent the UGA Paint Line and we thank him for his support of the UGA Paint Line and the use of his photographs as we continue to build our site and fanbase! You can find Blane Marables website here!




Duane Jurma

Duane Jurma, 2012 UGA graduate, has long been a friend  of the UGA Paint Line.  Besides being a fellow BCM attendee and role model to many of the Paint Line, Duane is a talented photographer.  Duane has taken countless pictures for the Paint Line as a friend, and as a photographer for the Athletic Association while at UGA.  You can find Duane’s impressive work with his website here!


Haley Chapman

Haley Chapman is a junior at UGA, majoring in Public Relations.  Haley has been the Paint Line’s go-to photographer for the 2012 season and is responsible for most of the post-game galleries posted on We are thankful for her always being there for the Paint Line, and we hope to continue to have her help for the 2013 season!