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UGA Paint Line - Supporting the Dawgs For 20 Years and Counting

Dome Bound

UGA Paint Line’s second installment of Throwback Thursday!

November 29, 2012

Following the long walk back to the car from Williams-Bryce Stadium,  within the hoards of harassing Cock fans, a Dawg fans spirit is all but vanquished.  Never would I think, that in that nightmare, that this season would turn into a dream.  A chance to upset Florida, a chance to embarrass Auburn, and a chance for the seniors to sweep Tech.

This is all the third ranked Georgia Bulldogs needs to pull off the unlikely: a chance.  Alabama is eight and a half point favorite in this Saturday’s legendary match up.  Let’s explore some SEC championship history with this week’s Throwback Thursday.

The last SEC championship title for the Dawgs goes back to 2005.  The Tigers from Baton Rouge had taken the Western Division, and still held on to a hope for a BCS title game bid.  The third ranked Tigers came in to the Georgia Dome suffering only an overtime defeat to Tennessee.  LSU was a large favorite in the match-up, but UGA quarterback D.J. Shockley had something different in mind.

We wanted to start fast and carry over our momentum for the entire game,” Shockley said.

The Dawgs did just that.  The game started off with a 45 yard touchdown pass to Sean Bailey, followed by a UGA interception with the Tiger’s ensuing drive.  The bulldog defense is what came up big that fateful day in the dome.  Justin Vincent, the LSU running back, ran for over 200 yards against the Bulldog defense in 2003.  In this game, he was held to fifteen yards.  The Bulldogs took down the Tigers 34-14, a brutal defeat led by the MVP Shockley, who through for a pair of touchdowns and ran for another.  Take a look at the highlights!



The Bulldogs have the tools they need to complete another underdog victory in the dome: a confident defense, a solid ground game, a hungry fan base, and a quarterback who is looking to earn his stripes under the big lights.  This 2012 breed of Bulldog will need to take notes from the 2005 team and get after the Tide early. I believe. The UGA Paint Line believes.  Bulldog Nation, it’s time to saddle up. It’s going to be one wild ride in the Georgia dome on December 1!’s SEC Championship prediction* : UGA 24 – BAMA 19


*The UGA Paint Line’s predictions will always be bias.  Painting in 30 degree weather has given us the right to do so.  Go Dawgs.



  • Jarvis says:

    hey dogg thanks for comin out every week and supportin us. dome bound!