UGA Paint Line

Supporting the Dawgs For 20 Years and Counting

UGA Paint Line - Supporting the Dawgs For 20 Years and Counting

The History

 The UGA Paint Line: A History

Contributors: Jon Tillman and John Adams

More to come!


Pre 2006 UGA Paint Line

 The UGA Paint Line, in it’s earliest days, carved out some of the main traditions of fandom excellence still held today.  It started with a few guys who grabbed whoever would help to spell out “Georgia” on their chests and occasionally, “Georgia Dawgs.”

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Auburn 2006

In 2006, the UGA Paint Line painted full upper body for the first time against Auburn.  Then Paint Line captain, Jon Tillman, and the Paint Line decided to make the upper body paint a full time tradition.  In 2007, the Line began the new era of uniformity: black shorts, aviators, and wigs.


With Big Dawg Woods!

From 2007 to the present, the Line entered what is now known as the “modern” era of the Paint Line.  The uniformity, tradition, and responsibility being passed down from captain to captain and Paint Line to Paint Line.

There has been even further evolution of the Paint Line in recent days with the addition of painting a cross on the right shoulder and the introduction of in 2012.  If the history of the Paint Line is any indication, there are only more excellent ideas and changes to come for an already established student spirit group.

The Paint Line Godfathers (Captains):

Pre 2006: Josh Browder

Pre 2006: Steve Walton

2006-07: Jon Tillman

2008: Micah Rogers

2009-10: John Adams

2011-12: Micah Shue

2013: Carson LeCroy

2014: Lance Underwood

2015: Adam Tarver

2016: Cory Benson